Covid-Safe Guidelines for attending class with Balanced Practice Yoga

Please make sure that you feel well each time you come to class, with no coughing, sneezing runny nose, sore throat or fever. If you have any doubt, please stay home. Most of our classes give you the option to practice online via Zoom so you can still share the class from the safety of your own home.

You will need to bring your own mat, blanket, eye pillow and any other props you like to use.

Our classes will not be requiring the use of additional props such as blocks – so rest assured that you will just be able to bring your mat, warm clothes for relaxation and you’ll still be able to flow with ease through your practice.

Arriving at the surf club you will need to sign into a log ( in addition to booking your class online) which allows the surf club to track visitors to the club each day.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided

Whilst in the surf club please observe social distancing guidelines ( approximately one mat for every 4 floor tiles ). Only two people are allowed in the bathrooms at the same time.

Although we love to catch up with you all after class, we’re mindful that our priority after classes is to clean the floor in the area we have used with spray and wipes. We have been advised by WSLSC to limit socialising in the room after class. You can always head downstairs to the beach cafe and have a chai or sit on the grassy slope and appreciate our beautiful beach and fresh ocean air

We have missed you!

This is a new world for us, a world of hybridised in-person and online classes both at the surf club and at home. Please be patient with us as we navigate our way out of Covid-19. We’re doing the best we can to be here, and more than ever, to be keep coming back to yoga with our community.

Zooming our Classes

Online yoga classes are here to stay for the foreseeable future. We’ve all had our ups and downs adapting to the online platform. The positives of Zoom – you can practice even if you’re not feeling 100% , have a sick child at home, or don’t have time to make it to the surf club. If you’re still working days from home, attending a class via Zoom can improve your productivity without the time of travel. Keeping up led classes with the teacher who inspires you can help you establish and maintain your own home practice and bring you the deeper physical and mental benefits of a steady yoga routine.

Top 3 Ayurvedic Tips to Optimise Health and Wellbeing

Before sharing my first tip, I’ll start with an unusual piece of advice. Know what is non negotiable in your self care daily routine and  protect it.

Be uncompromising about the one or two actions in your day that are most pivotal to your mental and physical well being in your current situation.

Think about it for a moment.

What is it that you do, that leads to more self – aware and self caring choices for the rest of your day?

“When I ……….. then, I choose to eat better, breathe better, focus better.. or feel more friendly towards myself. “

Commitment to that positive, self caring action doesn’t need to be self centered or obsessive, instead it can be a recognition that that the better version of yourself arises from your daily self care.

The state that I create for myself affects how I move through and perceive life.

So when you surrender a part of your daily life to the meditation, or core workout, or nature walk that serves your better self, you make those actions a non negotiable part of your daily life for months and then years. You don’t have to panic when a curve ball throws your routine out of whack because you have practiced better self care so many times that you still make good choices for yourself. You have up- levelled your habits already.

In yoga, the effort to follow through a positive change is called Tapas. The word tapas also means heat.

Change is a transformation and with any transformation there is a release of energy. Think of this as your effort, its like a fire that burns up the old for the new, or the heat produced by friction when a moving body changes course. How comfortably you can endure the effort of sticking with a change in behaviour ?

If you’re someone who finds disciplined change harder alone, then setting your goals with a practitioner, therapist, group or class is proven to increase your likelihood of success.

Here are some self-caring changes that are not difficult, expensive or tiring.

This advice comes from Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, which is concerned with living well in accordance with nature.

1.Eat a lighter dinner

Eastern medicine warns us against eating heavy, rich meals in the evenings, as our digestive systems are not as efficient overnight. Poorly digested food can worsen congestion, allergies and dysbiosis.

At night our digestive system should be resting and repairing.

If you can’t make the last meal of the day earlier, at least make it lighter by steaming or slow cooking, consuming veggies, broths and soups rather than pasta or rice.

Instead of searching for sweet treats at night, treat yourself to a special dessert or treat during the day.

At night, replace dessert with a self massage with oil before you go to bed and you’ll sleep soundly and wake feeling mentally and physically lighter.


Go to bed when you’re ready to sleep, not when you’re exhausted

You’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again- one of the best things you can do for your health is protect your hours of sleep. Lack of sleep basically makes your system “ hot” – your tissues don’t have as much healing and regeneration time and your inflammation increases.

Sleep is not just an investment in rest, but also in the strength of your body. While you sleep your body produces HGH – human growth hormone, which influences the quality of your collagen, one of the main building blocks of your skin, and connective tissues. If you’re exercising regularly, eating a high amino acid and low carbohydrate diet, and using good skin products, don’t forget that sleep is your other essential anti-ageing tool.

If you have trouble getting to sleep, a lovely practice from yoga is Viparita Karani -done in its simplest version, you just lie with your lower back and hips on a firm blanket or pillow and your legs elevated up the wall and close your eyes. Viparita Karani activates the baroreflex that induces relaxation or sleepiness. Place a warmed wheat bag on the soles of the feet and wrap up your elevated legs in a soft blanket just before sleep. This simple 5 minute practice is deeply restorative for the sleep cycle.

3. Self Massage

Ayurvedic self-massage, Abyangha, increases the circulation of your lymph and helps your body to release wastes. Touch is also important for the release of oxytocin, the feel good chemical that is associated with compassion which also de-stresses our nervous systems.

Use a high-quality organic oil and massage your body with gentle, light strokes directed towards your heart. One of the great benefits of self massage is that the actions of acknowledging and feeling your body bring you into the present moment, grounding you and releasing anxiety. Sometimes we’re so used to being wound up tightly that we don’t even realize. The simple act of abyangha increases attention “ in” the body. When we feel subtle sensations like warmth and gentle touch, our nervous system moves from a state of defensive alertness to safety and ease through increased activity of the vagus nerve, which can in turn help us feel more at home and calm in our whole being-ness.

This blog was originally written for Therapyworks website.

Changes to our Yoga classes with Covid-19

As of Monday 23rd March, we are no longer operating face to face classes at Yoga Essentia until further notice.

Read about our online schedule and changes to how we plan to support you and maintain the valuable place of our yoga classes in your life here.

With the government directive to close all non essential services, sporting venues and clubs, we regret that we can no longer offer our community any face to face classes for the foreseeable future. There will be no yoga classes at the Warriewood Surf Club for the foreseeable future. The good news is that we have our classes online.

The shift to online connection is something that our society is doing its best to adjust to quite suddenly, and we are certainly in the first phase of response. In the upcoming weeks, we look forward to updating and expanding our online classes and workshops and helping to keep you calm, healthy and vibrant during this unprecedented phase of our lives.

To join our classes online, all you need to do is set up your computer, phone or Ipad and log into the class from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s how

You’ll need your yoga gear, your device and wifi connection.

Set up your mat, candles and lighting, blanket and eyebag ( or any other props you’d like to use) just as you normally would when you come to class.

  • Dial in.
  • The platform that we are currently using is Zoom. You’ll find this week’s class schedule here.
  • You simply click on the meeting link and it will take you into the virtual class room.
  • We will spend the first few minutes getting everyone set up and any questions can be asked.
  • Have your camera on so that we can meet via our virtual classroom.
  • Then we run the class as per usual and we’ll be able to see and communicate with each other, more or less as usual.

It’s simple. We all get to practice together but from our own homes and build our practice habits at home!

Class Prices

The cost for the classes will be as usual for the present.

3x classes $45 ( new students)

10x classes $220

If you have an existing class card, we will write down who is in the class and then have this marked off your card.

For those paying casually, please deposit the money into the Yoga Essentia bank account.

Payment Details

Account Name Yoga Essentia

BSB 112 879

Account Number 455020391

We’ll have a simpler online way of organising payments for the near future.

Please let your teachers know which classes you intend to join online this week. We will offer these class regularly ONLINE and potentially offer further classes and some free workshops for you too.

We look forward to sharing our classes and keeping our community strong, connected and benefiting from our yoga practices in the upcoming weeks. We will be uploading the links to all our scheduled classes every week.

Stay connected via email, phone and Facebook.

Our response to the COVID-19 issue

In this time of uncertainty, the situation is changing daily.

On a personal level, we want to encourage you to make choices based in those steady inner messages that your yoga and meditation have helped you to be present to. While we need to be responsible and follow the recommendations of the WHO  and NSW HEALTH and keep ourselves informed each day about the COVID-19 virus, remember that you must also maintain your own personal medicine, your own individualised approach to remaining healthy. Only you know how to keep that part of your day to day experience optimised to see and feel and respond to these confusing times as best you can.

Maintaining your physical and mental health will help you to be clear minded enough to choose how you adapt to this crisis as it unfolds for us personally.

Maintain your Dinacharya  – this is the Ayurvedic term for your daily healthy routines .

Do not lose your healthy habits, your rituals, or your sleep.

Keep up the activities that nurture your mental and physical stability.

Ayurveda and western medicine both tell us that maintaining our circadian rhythms and routines are important for the homeostasis and vitality of our bodies.

A healthy body houses a calmer mind.

Fresh air and fresh food are vitally important. Consider how, if you do need to isolate, you will maintain access to healthy foods.

Rather than stocking up on canned food,  freeze some slow cooked meals and use the fragrant herbs and greens from your garden for bio-available anti-bacterials and vitamins.

Make or purchase bone stocks and broths, to which you can add noodles and fresh vegetables.

Don’t overuse alcohol, especially if its an avoidant or relaxant for you. You have better tools to pull out of your lifetime of experience to make today and tomorrow ok.

Vitamin C and Zinc are important for your immunity and available through fresh and supplementary sources.

The government confirmed today that the local organic markets will stay open for the time being.

If you’re concerned about going to markets for organic food, order online.

Exercise boosts your immunity.

If you choose to avoid the gym, go to a park or open your windows and do an online class at the same time each day as you would be attending a group class.

Deep breathing boosts your immunity.

Today and each day, take some longer exhalations. Your pranayama, however simple or complex, will help to counter the anxious breath holding that’s happening all around us.

Going to bed a little earlier will boost your immunity.

We’re a sleep starved society. This is the time to be disciplined and self caring when it comes to your bed time.

Social connection boosts your immunity.

Keep talking with friends and family about life and how you feel, but make an effort not to gossip or catastrophise.

Don’t take on that challenging extra job, task, relationship drama.. steer clear of unnecessary emotional challenges that will have you lying awake at night.

Steadiness is so important for your nervous system, and doing as many things with the intention to remain calm and nurturing to you and your close ones will help protect you from the furore of social media, the shock stories, the mathematics of how CV-19 will spread and anything else that could send us all into monkey mindedness.

More than ever, a balanced mind-body approach is important for us all.

“ Today I will do my meditation so that I can be more in touch with the underlying truth of what I am. And I will try through the day to listen to the voice of Truth within, rather than to the voices of fear and panic in my head.”

Jeff Kober

The teachers at Yoga Essentia are remaining informed of the developing situation and the recommendations from the Government, Department of Health and the World Health Organisation, but today our doors remain open.

We will continue to conduct our group classes this week  at Warriewood Surf Club with the following new conditions in place from Monday 16th March to protect your health:

  • Surfaces such as door handles bathrooms, and tabletops are being cleaned daily and disinfected.
  • Mats will be cleaned after each class with an antobacterial, 60% alcohol wipe.
  • We will be providing locally, ethically produced Whalesong Mats  for purchase at a discounted price of $60 and encourage you to purchase and bring your own mat to class, and use it for your own home practice should we need to shift to an online class platform for a while.
  • We will be increasing ventilation of the studio during and after classes and ask students to maintain a space of at least a metre between mats
  • We will suspend the use of props and minimise hands on adjustments at this time
  • We encourage hand washing and good hygiene practices for our staff and students
  • Please bring a hand towel to class to ensure that with any contact your skin is protected, and also to dry your hands after you wash

We’re all becoming quickly aware of why we should do our part to take care of our community.

Please do not come to class this week if you:

  • Have recently returned from overseas
  • Have flu like symptoms
  • Have sick family member
  • If you have come into contact with a suspected coronavirus case

We are assessing the situation daily, our teachers are communicating with and supporting each other and we’re doing our best to maintain a safe and positive environment for all our students and staff members.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns.

We welcome you to contact us for more information about any of our yoga classes, retreats or teacher training.