Our Weekly Yoga classes to support you during challenging times.

23 April 2022
23 April 2022 Liz

Every little bit of support we can give to someone makes a real difference.

Even when we receive something ourselves too.

Presently in the world, our collective worry, sadness and fatigue make peace and quiet elusive. Some days we don’t feel comfortable or ok.

The burden of feelings can be like haze.. we wait for it to clear yet then another challenge comes along, as heavy and thick as the last.

Have you been feeling that you need more time to rest, more alone time. That you will make time for yoga when things settle down?

The paradox of coming to a yoga class is that it is whilst in the presence of others we reach a state of being deeply connected to ourselves.

Despite there being six or ten other people in the room.

Actually its the magic of co-regulation, the dynamic process by which our nervous system starts to attune or move towards the teacher in the middle of the class and in part the other students which helps us to feel more present and less stuck in our heads.

Co-regulation in a yoga class lets us come back to ourselves in connection with others.

When we feel like we just need time alone but yet can’t unplug, a yoga class with other people in the room can actually help us find the stillness we’re desperately craving. I can recall the gifts of many a deep savasana after a class of co-regulating, flowing breath and movement, the odd laugh, some wobbles and deep sighs, and when they need to flow, some tears.

You don’t need to bring your best self to yoga, and you don’t need to put on a face, or be any more social than feels right for you. It’s ok if you don’t do all the poses, if you need to close your eyes and rest, or do the easiest version all the way through. More than ok, we welcome you to do “you”!

Our space is your space, our teachers are here, through the hard days and the good.

Here are some classes to help lessen overwhelm and bring you back to the genuine peace within you.

Soothing Yoga on Monday evenings 6-7pm


Thursday mornings 6:30-7:30am with Jane Macnaught

Calm Yoga on Tuesday evenings 6-7pm with Penny Lucas 

Candlelit Yin Yoga with Leah Sizeland on Thursday evenings 6:30 – 7:45pm

We welcome you to contact us for more information about any of our yoga classes, retreats or teacher training.