23 December 2020
23 December 2020 Liz

Rather than losing connection with our shared practices through this unusual Christmas season, Donna and Liz are choosing to continue offering morning yoga classes from home.

Whether in lockdown or not, it’s helpful for us all to maintain rhythms. Rhythm nourishes our immunity, our bodies and our mental health, to help us detach from whatever turmoil or unease is brushing up close to us, inside or outside ourselves. To get deeply connected to our breath and inner selves clears the mind, helping us ride through whatever changes we’re experiencing with more emotional peace and heart connection.

We’re challenged to rise, to be creative, responsive and deeply caring towards ourselves and others this week. We can help ourselves come to terms with expectations and preparations  being thrown awry this Christmas season.

Our classes over this time will aim to help you to simply come back to the core of your flexible being-ness with the help of gentle breath and movements and meditative focus.

We wish you all a safe, spontaneous and happy Christmas!

How to book Zoom classes

Clicking on the class which you’d like to attend will take you straight to our scheduling app. Click the date you’re booking.

If you have a membership or pass, remember to add your code or email address, and if you don’t have a class pass/ intro pass/membership but would like to purchase one, click here first.

Continue through the prompts to book.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom Link. Please arrive to each Zoom class 5-10 minutes before it’s scheduled, to give you time manage your camera and audio and settle in.

Balanced Flow with Liz  Mondays 7am via Zoom

Gentle Yoga with DonnaTuesdays  10am via Zoom

Balanced Flow with LizWednesdays  7am via Zoom

Balanced Flow with Liz Fridays 7am via Zoom


We welcome you to contact us for more information about any of our yoga classes, retreats or teacher training.