“A 7 day Yoga and Ayurveda treatment changed my relationship with my arthritic knees. Throughout my 40s I struggled with knee pain and stiffness, the doctors told me to prepare for knee replacements, and expect to experience ongoing arthritic pain. After discovering Ayurveda I believed in magic! The pain relief was extraordinary. Yoga was once again a possibility, and threaded throughout my life. Now, with regular yoga my body benefits and my overall health and mood improves.”

Jane is founder of Tranquillo Place. Extensive clinical experience has steered her career towards training in trauma recovery & healing, grief & loss, complex trauma, intergenerational trauma, PTSD, and adult survivors of childhood abuse & trauma. With an eclectic approach, she draws from a diverse tool kit of training, professional development, clinical work and life experiences. Since 2016 she has been studying and delivering trauma sensitive trainings and collaborating with a wide range of yoga teachers and wellness practitioners and therapists to offer more trauma aware services across the Northern Beaches. Further studies with international trauma specialists and researchers led Jane to complete yoga teacher training (350hr) with Balanced Practice Yoga. More recently Jane has completed training in Polyvagal Theory – with Deb Dana. Research continues to provide evidence that talking therapy is not enough for trauma recovery – all of Jane’s clients benefit from her yoga informed therapeutic style. Jane teaches one to one yoga sessions at Tranquillo Place and classes at Warriewood SLSC. She offers a yoga practice that is soothing for the nervous system, ideal for anyone that feels stressed, anxious, overworked, and/or exhausted. All her classes are trauma sensitive, rhythmic, easeful and calming. She is known for her creative, holistic, warm, gentle and friendly approach. Jane will inspire you to learn more about the much needed and burgeoning field of trauma sensitive practices.

“Soothing Yoga has been instrumental in helping me slow down and refocus on what’s important. It has been key to aiding with maintaining good mental health and managing anxiety. I have learnt great techniques to find calmness in a busy world and ground myself in challenging situations. Importantly I have learned to listen to my body and be a little more kind to me. Thank you Jane!”
Jeanette F

Jane teaches Soothing Yoga classes on Monday evenings 6pm


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