“Allahna lives her yoga and teaches by transmission, helping people to experience the joy of a mindful, kind, playful embodied yoga practice.”

Allahna’s class focuses on meeting yourself where you’re at and bringing in deep feeling breath. Self compassion and kindness are key to gently moving out tension, pain and suffering and cultivating pleasure in your body through your yoga that can translate into your daily life.

Allahna combines therapeutic alignment with playful, sensual flowing movements. Classes are thoughtfully sequenced to safely take you on a pose adventure. You will improve strength, mobility and connection to your body. Her practices are light hearted, energetic and earthy and offer options and adaptations for any experience and fitness level.

Sound healing is a passion that Allahna brings to our classes and special events, with her own beautiful resonant instruments like the handpan, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Native American Flute and chimes. The music is deeply calming, helping you to find yourself in a peaceful, grounded, clear state of mind, deepening the benefits of your yoga practice.

Allayna teaches Sunset Balanced Flow classes on Wednesdays at 6:00pm


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