Welcome 2021 with stillness: Esoteric Yoga with Donna

30 December 2020
30 December 2020 Liz


We all know how trying 2020 has been. Why not start 2021 with a deeply stilling yoga class to begin the new year. This class is a meditative style class that is restorative, rejuvenating and calming. What better way to start the new year!

Esoteric Yoga is also known as the Yoga of Stillness.

The practice is simple, no fancy postures, and follows a specific sequence that includes only a few movements divinely designed to support the body to come to a place of stillness – our innate, natural state of being although long forgotten for most of us.

The format for an Esoteric Yoga class

The class will start either in a lying down position or sitting position.

Simple movements guided by your practitioner such as lying down, sitting up, bending a knee, straightening the legs, opening and closing the eyes.

Extended periods of time of lying down and deep rest.

You will be guided to reconnect with your body and the quality of stillness within.

What you will need in preparation for the class

A quiet space to practice where you will not be disturbed.

An exercise mat or floor space. The practice can also be done on a comfortable and supportive bed mattress.

A mobile device with camera on and facing towards you on your mat.

Cushions, pillows to support the head, neck, spine, your hips, your legs in both the lying and seated positions.

Blankets/covers to keep your body warm. An eye pillow may also be used to support a deeper letting go and enhance the nurturing quality of your practice.

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