200 hr Online Yoga Teacher Training Info and Q&A

1 August 2021
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1 August 2021 Liz

Are you considering online study?

Do you love yoga?

Our 200 hour Online Yoga Teacher Training , c0-delivered by senior teachers Liz Bennett and Amelia Disspain, offers you the opportunity to turn your passion for yoga into a rewarding job, transform your practice and deepen your understanding of this wonderful healing science.

Whether you’re already teaching and looking for a structured way to develop your knowledge and skills or about to embark on your training journey, we know we can support you to the next level.

You may not want to teach yoga as a career, and not all our students do. We have trained teachers who take the benefits of their experience into other fields, who shared our yoga teacher training for personal development.

Together, we dive into a deep exploration of subtle energetics and the functional anatomy of yoga. While learning to prevent injuries and develop your own anatomy informed skills in yoga practice, you will develop a deep and positive relationship with your own body.

You’ll learn about Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, which helps you harmonise your actions and rhythms with nature, according to your unique body type.

You’ll explore how to teach trauma -sensitive yoga, yoga informed by modern pain science, for people of all different phases of life, including mature students. We mentor and nurture your teaching skills throughout the training, and you’ll have lots of opportunities for practice teaching and sequencing and feedback from us and your peers.Yoga Teacher Training is a lifelong journey that brings healing, vitality and health.

We’d love to share that journey with you.

Some yoga schools create a teacher training product to churn out year after year.

Our training is the best we can offer, every time. Amelia and I work on our course, and we work on ourselves. We never stop learning. We have been training yoga teachers collectively for over 20 years, and began running our own trainings together back in 2016.

During the past year, Amelia has undertaken advanced trainings with Donna Farhi, and I have become a Pain-Aware yoga teacher and continue my study with physio – yoga therapists Neil Pearson, Shelley Prosko and Marlysa Sullivan. Amelia also became a Mentor for Yoga Australia, to support new teachers, and Liz was accepted into the Yoga Australia Yoga Therapy working group.

Jane Macnaught teaches Trauma-awareness on our 200 hour Online teacher training. Jane continues her studies of Stephen Porges’ Poly-Vagal Theory and has integrated these scientific advances in knowledge into her module for teacher trainees. 

We are proud of our commitment to safe, individualised yoga and to the yoga tradition. Having seen through many waves and trends in the yoga world, we choose to teach and deliver intelligent yoga that is founded in authentic philosophy and informed by modern science, without limiting our students to a particular lineage or class style.

Whether you’re interested in teaching others, or deepening your own yoga journey with us,  Amelia and I would love to share our inspiration with you.We’ll help you develop your skills, confidence and your own unique contribution to the evolving mind-body science of yoga.

Book to join our free Info and Q&A session this Tuesday August 3rd at 5:30pm here.

We welcome you to contact us for more information about any of our yoga classes, retreats or teacher training.