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1 November 2020
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1 November 2020 Liz

There is no “ one way” or superior way to learn to meditate, to drop beneath the waves of thoughts to peace within ourselves.

Some forms of meditation practice are hard for people whose minds are very busy, and those who struggle to sit comfortably. Between seated meditation and yoga postures is the profound yet often forgotten practice of Yoga Nidra – which is Sanskit means literally ” Yogic Sleep”, in which you simply lie down, find a comfortable position,  and follow the guidance of Ana’s words as she leads you into a deep state of relaxation.


Yoga Nidra helps us draw back and rest from the outside world, by connecting us with our inner experiences in a safe, guided and methodical way that has been proven by science to help improve sleep, emotional regulation and stress.

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful practice for those learning to meditate.. a doorway to meditation and a valuable tool for everyone’s self-care toolbox.
In a fast paced world, the gentle yet deep practice of Yoga Nidra makes room to focus on ourselves, expanding our sense of inner peace and ease, to alleviate fatigue and sleep issues, and awaken our innate creativity.
Join Ana @pittwateryoga for a free introduction to Yoga Nidra this Tuesday 7:15-8pm at Warriewood Surf Club.

How to Book your Free Class
Book via the scheduling link and make sure that you add the code RELAX before checkout to redeem your free class. Only available this Tuesday 3rd to the first 20 students – we’re social distancing COVID-safe, bring your own mat and blanket ❤️

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