with Jaylah Sound Journeys
featuring Allahna Jaylah
and Pratik Mali on Bansari flute

Warriewood Surf Club

6:00 - 8:00pm

This February full moon is aligned to help us to find balance in our physical, emotional and spiritual health and establish clarity in our vision for the future.
We celebrate our helpful spirit, being of service to others and taking care of ourselves.
Join Allahna and Pratik at beautiful Warriewood Surf Club.
As the sun sets over the ocean in front of us, the moon will light up the skies and illuminate the ocean showcasing its deep beauty and touching our hearts.
Allahna Jaylah will guide you through some gentle, joyful movement to get your energy flowing so you’re primed to receive the healing frequencies of a delicious sound bath.
Allahna with her Native American flutes, handpan, crystal bowls and other ambient instruments is joined by Pratik Mali from Nepal with his delightful bamboo flutes. Together they will serenade you on a journey beyond the busy mind to a nourishing state of relaxation.
A safe space for you to let go of stress in your body and mind, bringing you deep rejuvenation and a renewed sense of wholeness. You might see visions or hear intuitions from the beautiful spaciousness inside of you.

Tickets  $55

Allahna Jaylah

Allahna plays crystal bowls, Native American flute, handpan, drums, chimes, Tibetan bowls and other ambient instruments. She has been a practicing professional for over 35 years in various embodied healing modalities including sound healing,yoga therapy, Forrest Yoga, energy healing, kinesiology and shamanic healing. Over the years Allahna has helped thousands of people connect to their body, take charge of their own healing, and live a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Pratik Mali

Born and raised in Nepal, Pratik Mali first learned to play the flute with his ethnic group with whom he performed at various cultural events. From the young age of 8 he played folk Newari tunes and in recent years has been learning Hindustani classical music common to South East Asia. He loves this style of music in its classical form, and also how it creates something amazing to listen to when fused with more western musical styles. Pratik performs with a growing collection of 20 bamboo Bansuri flutes in different sizes and musical scales.

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