Yoga classes for all bodies and abilities. Everyone is welcome.
So close to the ocean you can almost feel the sea spray.
Connect more deeply with your body and breath, calm your mind and increase your strength, balance and flexibility.

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What we teach

At Balanced Practice, we teach the ancient art of yoga in a calm, safe and inclusive space. You’ll find our classes are suitable for people of different ages, shapes and interests.

You will learn to practice yoga responsively, in harmony with how you feel from day to day, moment to moment, in compassionate, ever deepening connection with yourself and the world. Each practice is modified to meet the needs of the students in that specific class. Our teachers welcome beginners to Yoga.

We can help you choose your first class, or assist you with individual sessions with one of our highly experienced teachers.
So if you’re new to yoga, get in touch with us.



Sunrise Balanced Practice Flow Class

Mondays 7:00am – 8:00am

Balanced Practice Flow classes offer therapeutic movement with breath expansion and mental focus, blending Liz’s physiotherapy expertise with yogic philosophy and insight into the energetic body . In managing the effects of ageing and recovery from injury and pain, these classes offer each student an individualised experience of breath, body and mind, to cultivate a strong and resilient body and a deeper sense of integrated health.

This class is offered via ZOOM only.

Lifelong Yoga

Mondays February 6th – April 3rd
9:00 – 10:00am

In this course, Physiotherapist+ Yoga therapist Liz will help you to understand the principles of yoga, take care of your joints, improve balance and confidence, and also experience the calming aspects of yoga. The eight Monday morning classes will include functional anatomy of yoga poses, breathing principles, meditation and subtle yogic physiology.
This course can be attended by people who live with persisting pain and chronic conditions and is for anyone interested in beginning or deepening their yoga journey; a strong and suppler body and a calmer mind at any age.
8 classes $198 (no class March 27th)

Offered in studio.

Soothing Yoga

Mondays 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Soothing Yoga. An hour for peace and serenity.
Set yourself up for the week ahead.
If you feel a little stressed and overwhelmed in your life then this yoga class may be just right for you.
Maybe you want to find your way BACK to yoga. This class is for you.

You will be invited to experience a little more ease and comfort in your body. Gentle movements connected with the breath; the class will be rhythmic, easeful and calming. Make the poses stronger if you wish, we will be working at our own pace. The goal is to help you increase connection with your own body and increase a sense of inner calm.
Leave feeling more tranquil, well stretched and stronger.

Jane’s teaching style is relaxed and honest. Beginners to experienced yogis – all welcome.

Yoga + Pilates

Tuesdays 9:00am- 10:00am

Jenny’ s Tuesday classes are a fusion of Yoga and Pilates with an emphasis on core strength, stability of the spine, flexibility, balance and the union of body, mind and breath.
These classes are suitable for all ages, levels and abilities.

Balanced Flow Class

Wednesdays 9:00AM – 10:00AM

Wednesday’s Balanced Flow class features smooth and steady sequences that aim to gently warm, stretch and strengthen your body.
Carly encourages you to maintain an on-going connection to your body and breath, so that through self-care you may have a sense of coming home to your inner-most.
Carly’s classes end with stretching postures, subtle movements and stillness,
offering you a chance to linger in the joy and harmony of being more deeply connected to you.

This class welcomes people of all ages and all levels of yoga experience.

This class will be offered in studio from January 18th 2023.

Balanced Flow Class

Wednesdays 6:00pm – 7:00pm

This class is ideal for anyone who thinks they are too tight, or not flexible enough for yoga!
Tailored by Ana for people who train and play in their chosen activity – whether that surfing, running, cycling, paddling or golf – to improve performance and recovery.

Make this class part of your weekly schedule for increased flexibility and range of motion, healthier joints, an improvement in balance and joint stability, increased focus and calmness of mind.

Yoga + Pilates

Thursdays 9:00am – 10:00am

Find a renewed sense of confidence in your body, with a practice that is gentle yet presents a enjoyable level of challenge, giving you tools for transforming your relationship with yourself.

Sunrise Balanced Flow and Sound Healing

Fridays 7:00am – 8:00am

Allahna combines therapeutic alignment with playful, sensual flowing movements. Each class is thoughtfully sequenced to improve strength, mobility and connection to your body. Allahna’s practices are light hearted, energetic and earthy and offer options and adaptations for any experience and fitness level.
The morning concludes with a delightful sound healing with beautiful resonant instruments like the handpan, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Native American Flute and chimes.
This class is offered via Zoom and in studio.
Liz Bennett Physio


Physiotherapist for over 20 years, Senior Yoga Teacher and qualified Yoga Therapist, Liz Bennett
is founder and owner of Balanced Practice Yoga.
Liz’s classes bring people together to practice a peaceful and expansive inner experience of breath, body and mind, cultivating vibrant mental and physical health.

Liz’s approach reflects many years of studying with teachers in the lineage of Sri TKV Krishnamacharya, Simon Borg Oliver and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy, Michael De Manincor of Yoga Institute Sydney, Ganesh Mohan of Svastha Yoga, Leslie Kaminoff, and Saraswasthi Vasudhevan. Expect to learn more about the subtlety of your body and to move and feel better.

As a physiotherapist, Liz explores functional movement, Pilates and therapeutics for inspiration. Liz’s classes take into account the needs that arise from our modern lives, and the imbalances that our habits can cause in our musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

“The innate capacity to reach a deeper sense of connection to ourselves is within every human being.”


Balanced Practice Yoga are open level classes which give students the tools to evolve not only their asana practice but to cultivate insight into the heart of the yoga tradition.

Rather than a set system, Balanced Practice is an interweaving of ancient and modern perspectives which helps to keep the body and mind fluid and adaptable to change.

Balanced Practice Yoga classes are intelligent, innovative classes that are powerful and therapeutic, blending yogic philosophy and insight into the energetic body with sequences that help you gain mobility and functional strength.

You’ll move and feel better and develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself.


Yoga students wishing to advance their yoga practice and deepen their understanding of their body and working with physical asanas ( poses) and breath ( pranayama ) can benefit from training with a teacher who has been practising for over 20 years and teaching yoga anatomy for over a decade.

You can develop a progressive personal practice with Liz’s guidance and support.

Liz can create a sequence for you that is physiotherapy informed, therapeutic and goal oriented, varying your postures so that you can practice and progress safely and regain functional, pain-free movement.

Some of the conditions that can be assisted through therapeutic yoga

Lower back pain
Neck pain
Joint surgeries
Hyper-mobility related pain and injuries
Kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis
Sports related injuries and stiffness

Liz is available at TherapyWorks Newport on Monday and Thursday afternoons, Saturday mornings and home visits by appointment.


Liz Bennett Physio

Yoga Teacher Training

With Liz Bennett and Amelia Disspain, you can develop the skills to become a yoga teacher.

Learn to share lessons from traditional practices and modern science, with an excellent foundation in yoga anatomy, intelligent sequencing, subtle teachings and more.

You’ll develop the foundations for a lifetime practice, helping you take deeper care of yourself and the people around you.



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Kirralie Dillion

Our Location

We look forward to welcoming you to our live yoga classes with beautiful views over Warriewood Beach.

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Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club
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Latest News

23 Apr 2022

No classes this Anzac Day 2022

Moving into Term 2 with Optimism The last few weeks of school holidays have been blessed with sunshine, peace and spaciousness, between cloudy wet days. While some families have been able to travel and see loved ones, others have  been doing a  week, or more, of isolation. Life is still more unpredictable than it was remembered. When everything is different, from how each breath feels in the chest and how the body feels after Covid, to days forced indoors by rain, our beaches eroded by dirty waters..not to mention the costs of living rising in 2022 while those of us running small businesses come to terms with clients travelling, isolating and managing recovery..we need to connect more deeply. Disturbances can happen on any level of our human existence. Inside the body, as tight muscles and digestion and sleep issues, inside our breath as sighing or shallow breathing, inside our minds as anxiety and unease and in our…

23 Apr 2022

Our Weekly Yoga classes to support you during challenging times.

Every little bit of support we can give to someone makes a real difference. Even when we receive something ourselves too. Presently in the world, our collective worry, sadness and fatigue make peace and quiet elusive. Some days we don't feel comfortable or ok. The burden of feelings can be like haze.. we wait for it to clear yet then another challenge comes along, as heavy and thick as the last. Have you been feeling that you need more time to rest, more alone time. That you will make time for yoga when things settle down? The paradox of coming to a yoga class is that it is whilst in the presence of others we reach a state of being deeply connected to ourselves. Despite there being six or ten other people in the room. Actually its the magic of co-regulation, the dynamic process by which our nervous system starts to…

09 Mar 2022


  Full Moon Circle with Jenny Tuck Many of our friends, colleagues, teachers and families have been caught in the flooding in northern NSW. Join our contribution to the relief efforts through sharing yoga and connecting to our community. when :  Thursday 17th of March 7:30pm - 8:45pm what :  Join Jenny for a gentle flowing full moon yoga practice connecting movement and breath, followed by chai and snacks. Share the moonrise over Warriewood Beach and a relaxing yoga journey, suitable for everyone. Following the yoga class, Liz will serve chai and ayurvedic inspired snacks. This event will be held in studio only. If you can't make it on the night,  we encourage you to donate directly instead. All proceeds will be donated to givit.org.au/storms-and-flooding. bring :  your yoga mat and eye pillow if you have one and a candle to place in the centre of our circle. Wear white…

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