“Yoga to me is joyful. It enlivens my body from head to toes, brings awareness and gentleness to my breath and anchors my mind back within.”

Carly was drawn to yoga as a solution to her aching hips, tense shoulders and overactive mind – the result of many years of dancing, a career in finance and becoming the mother to three children. What began as an hour of respite, soon transformed her lifestyle and propelled Carly into teaching so that she could share her love of yoga with others.

Carly’s classes feature flowing sequences that aim to gently warm, stretch and strengthen the body, leaving you with an undercurrent of alert, stillness. She encourages you to honour how you are feeling, so that you can establish and maintain a nurturing relationship with your body. By approaching the movements with kindness and curiosity, Carly discourages any forms of competition or comparison, and instead offers you a space where you can more deeply connect with yourself. Above all, Carly brings a sense of joy and community to her classes.

The joy of connecting with people spurred Carly to become a presenter for Bully Zero, an organisation dedicated to supporting and empowering students, workplaces and parents with practical tools around emotional regulation, bullying, safety online and wellbeing. Carly is motivated by her audience’s curiosity around how she maintains a livingness that is both purposeful and centred – a measure of her true success.

Carly also teaches ethics to primary children, dance classes to kids and teenagers, volunteers in her local area and conducts healthy eating programs. She is currently studying a Diploma of Counselling.


and Balanced Flow classes on Wednesdays at 9:00am


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