Yolande Hyde has taught Yoga for over twenty years on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs. She is a highly experienced and intuitive Seasonal Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist. Her creative class sequencing, woven storytelling and ability to take her students on a felt and experiential journey is the skill she brings forward in every class.

The roots for Yolande’s passion for Yoga were laid in the Physical Culture and Classical Ballet classes she attended throughout her school years. Around the age of 16 she joined her first yoga class. The seeds were sown and well-watered over the years as she dived deep into study of the Iyengar system and its emphasis on physical structure as well as educating herself in Classical Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga yoga.
The philosophies of the Taoists and Traditional Chinese Medicine were of deep interest to Yolande, and she consolidated her personal practice with Ki Yoga founder, teacher and Shiatsu therapist Jack Marshall of Zen Renaissance Healing in Bondi Junction. A study that has become a life’s work with many inspiring teachers, both formal and informal, along the way.

Yolande credits the influence and opportunity to sit with many inspiring and amazing teachers over the years. Countless hours spent in physical practice, meditation and breathwork. The exploration of several lineages including Iyengar, Ashtanga and Japanese Yoga. Tears, heartbreak, loss, birth, joy and God/Source/Spirit – For many teachers this is the real training.

Yolande has emerged from her thirty years of yoga practice, study and teaching as a one of a kind Seasonal Yoga teacher. Her students relish her eye for detail, strict physical alignment and her ability to take them on a poetic journey into the places under their skin. Discovering what blocks them and harnessing the tools needed to transmute that, leaning into the unknowable and the parts that defy words, questioning boundaries and perceived limitations so that together we might expand beyond them.
Her Cosmic Five Element courses are rare treasures initiating students into a world of metaphor, poetry and ancient wisdoms, drawing the known and lived experience of the seasons into a personal and rich life narrative.

Yolande teaches New Year 5 Day Yoga Intensive January 10-14th 6 – 7:30am

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