Free Classes for you from the Balanced Practice Yoga Teachers.

Practice these recorded classes from home anytime.

These shorter classes range from 8-45 minutes so you don’t need to cancel your family plans to find time for you.

Reconnect with yoga and replenish your energy any time of your day. You won’t need any special props for these classes. Enjoy!

More free classes coming soon.


Chakra Practice with Jenny

Jenny’s class helps you balance and activate your core energy centres, leaving you feeling powerful, peaceful and grounded for the rest of your day.

Gentle Yoga with Carly

Enjoy a 40 minute practice with me, focusing on balance. We use the wall for support during our strengthening and stretching.


Yoga Nidra with Kirralie

in this simple relaxation, you may just lay down in a comfortable place and listen to the sound of my voice.
Use Yoga Nidra to settle the mind before sleep or any time you need to get back into balance.

Grounding Practice with Jane Macnaught

Take a seat, pause for 8 minutes and join me.
This practice is designed to help you feel grounded, less overwhelmed and calmer in minutes.

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