With a love for sport, competing professionally in swimming, dancing and running, I found myself with the start of osteoarthritis in my hips and was told I could never do sport again – I was heartbroken. It is then that I found Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.

My teacher at the time convinced me to commit to a daily practice for 1 month and that I would experience all the physical health benefits that any sport could offer and more.

That month turned in to 11 years and I have never looked back, I undertook a 3-year teacher training including pranayama, meditation, shiatsu and yoga philosophy. I have practiced through two pregnancies right up until the birth of my babies and it is yoga that guides me on my new path as a parent. No osteoarthritis in sight.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of this ancient practice and making it accessible to all ages and levels of experience, seeing students inspired to experience the same holistic health benefits that I have.

I also hold an honors degree in Dietetics with various specialties and I am a registered practicing homeopath.

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