Mondays 12th April - 31st May 2021

9:30am – 10:30am In- Studio only

This eight -week course invites you to explore and experience the eight limbs of Yoga, based in the Yoga Sutras, which contain ancient advice on how to reduce stress and life in more peacefulness and connection.

In this Yoga Fundamentals eight week course, Physiotherapist+ Yoga therapist Liz will help you to understand, and develop strength and safe alignment  in yoga postures, and also the subtle and contemplative aspects of yoga.

The eight Monday morning classes will include functional anatomy of yoga poses, breathing principles, meditation, inner codes for living, and subtle yogic physiology. 

Yoga is a lifelong exploration.

This course is intended for anyone interested in beginning or deepening their yoga journey; to enrich your experience and equip you with practical tools that you can apply in your own yoga practice and daily life.

 Your investment is $116.

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