Thursday December 8th

Warriewood Surf Club

7:00 – 9:00pm

Connect to the strong lunar energy with a special summer Full Moon Yin Yoga
incorporating slow flowing yoga,
connecting with the breath and expressing ourselves through movement
with live music that evokes the sacred and liminal.


Guided by Leah Sizeland.

Live music by Niyati and Gavin Libotte Goldfynch.

Enjoy connecting afterwards with teas and ayurvedic snacks.

Tickets  $45  

Wear comfortable clothes for movement. Yoga mats, blankets and bolsters are available for use on the night. We look forward to sharing a special evening together,  lit by the full moon.

With love Leah,  Niyati and Gav.


Niyati and Gavin Libotte



Deeply personal and poetic, this award winning Sydney-based alt pop band have travelled the world performing together. Goldfynch share musical stories, drawing you into a space of fragility, beauty and depth that encompasses many facets of the collective human experience. 

Goldfynch is the true musical marriage of husband and wife team Gavin and Niyati Libotte who share their mutual love of music, the individual life and collective experience, through the art form of song-writing.

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